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Archeological cultural tours

Have you been interested in traveling to Egypt as long as you can remember? For the historical aspect? Currently, you can really afford such a journey, since there is such a vast competition in this particular market. What does this mean for a customer interested in this matter? Among other things, the fact that prices for archaeological cultural trips are very favourable indeed…

What makes so many people decide on this travel destination? It’s no accident people choose archaeological cultural trips and there are several reasons behind it… Surely, attractive financial conditions convince them to do so. You don’t have to worry about spending too much money. Also, archaeological cultural tour attractions in this African country are so popular because of the weather. It’s really very warm all year round. There is no shortage for the sun and high temperature.

Of course, archaeological cultural tours to Egypt cause such an interest also due to the fact that you can see really unique places and monuments there, for example, in the capital city- Cairo. The Egyptian Museum is located there. What characterizes this place? It should be noted that there are thousands of exhibits inside that come from the ancient times. You can, with your own eyes, see the pharaoh mummies or great jewellery etc. In Cairo there are also such interesting places like the Saladin Citadel, Alabaster Mosque or Cairo Tower, which is located in the very center of the city.

Of course, a trip to Egypt should „lead you” to Giza, since there are the Pyramids and a statue of the Great Sphinx. Which other important locations from a historical point of view should you also see? It is definitely the Valley of the Kings. Why? This unique cemetery is located in West Thebes, in fact opposite Luxor. There you can find dozens of tombs that belong to Egyptian rulers. Hatshepsut Temple, Siwa Oasis and Alexandria should also interest you besides previously mentioned Luxor. www